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15 December 2021 (Wed) 10:00 am
A New Paradigm for Building Autonomous Systems

First there were mechanized systems. Then automated systems. Now there are autonomous systems that bring intelligence to machines so they can sense, plan and act in a changing environment. Learn about the latest achievements in this field, from R&D projects to real life implementations.


26 JANUARY 2022 (WED) 10:00 am
Digital transformation during and after the pandemic

The pandemic played the role of Chief Digital Transformation Officer. The increase in e-commerce in 2020 partially offset the effect of store closings. Find out how companies have succeeded in transposing the in-store customer experience into an online and digital environment.


23 FEBRUARY 2022 (WED) 10:00 AM
Reducing carbone emissions : obstacles and perspectives

Carbonless Experts will give their opinion on Green Tech.


22 MARCH 2022 (WED) 10:00 AM
The Pursuit of Longer Flying Times and Heavier Payloads for Drones

Heavier drones will have some impact on the power required to carry big payloads, and you’ll see this payoff in flight duration possibilities.


20 april 2022 (wed) 10:00 am
Beyond Games: The Metaverse

Experts explore how tentpole games have evolved into the metaverse; persistent, immersive social experiences, and the new town square.


18 may 2022 (wed) 10:00 am
AI, Robots, RPA, Digital Twins: BFF or New Masters?

While the world had its eyes fixed on the medical community, tech continued to blossom. What are today’s cutting-edge technologies that will profoundly impact our daily lives? Discover the advances in quantum computing, the prospect of robotics or digital twins and the impact of smart machines on human work.


22 june 2022 (wed) 10:00 am
Fintechs and the Promise of Inclusivity and Diversity

One of the tenets of fintech companies is that it can help offer fairer and more equitable access to financial services.


20 July 2022 (wed) 10:00 am
The future of Energy & Mobility

How to improve the world with positive impact providing on demand solutions and green energy.


24 August 2022 (wed) 10:00 am
Standardized Data, Common Architecture and Vehicle Services

Vehicle data is the foundation for new revenue streams, mobility services and value for the entire connected ecosystem. Experts discuss collaborative approaches towards achieving shared data value and seamlessly coupling in-vehicle and back-end architectures, delivering an end-to-end vehicle computing platform.


21 September 2022 (wed) 10:00 am
Primary packaging innovation for e-commerce

E-commerce was on a strong growth trajectory even before the pandemic struck. In the context of this development, more companies are developing packaging solutions specifically geared towards e-commerce applications as the market expands further.


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