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BMW unveils colour-changing car with an app

LAS VEGAS, Jan 6 (Reuters) - German carmaker BMW has unveiled the world's first "colour-changing" car at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The concept car, called the BMW iX Flow, uses electronic ink technology normally found in e-readers to transform...

Lingo – A biowearable that Speaks Your Body’s Unique Language

"Technology gives us the power to digitize, decentralize and democratize healthcare, create a shared language between you and your doctor – and put more control of your health in your hands," Abbott Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Robert B. Ford said. "We're...

Empowering Cancer Patients Using A.I.

In 2020, cancer diagnoses will thrust nearly 2 million Americans into the often-bewildering world of treatments and clinical trials. TrialJectory aims to help.   TrialJectory is a patient-first digital health company with a mission to democratize access to advanced...

Twin-based Self-driving Wheelchair Trailblazing the Path

In the last four decades, mass market wheelchair has changed little. For all that it has done to improve the quality of people’s lives, most wheelchairs are using the same decades-old technology. Fortunately, today’s 131 million wheelchair users might have the...
‘Intelligent sleeve’ could help you understand any foreign language

‘Intelligent sleeve’ could help you understand any foreign language

I've always hoped that someone would invent a way to automatically translate languages on the go without me having to learn the language. Lazy? Yes! A team of students at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands have developed a "vibratory language" based...

Moxie –The Robot Companion for Social-Emotional Learning

Moxie –The Robot Companion for Social-Emotional Learning

Recent studies have shown that the so-called soft skills or EQ skills (emotional intelligence skills) are as important if not more important than IQ and STEM skills for living a happy, well-balanced life both personally and professionally. However, there is less...

Metaverse App Octi Launches App Rewarding Content Creators

Octi, the world's first augmented reality social platform that merges reality with the metaverse, and rewards creators with virtual and physical goods, launched today as the #1 social networking app in the Apple App Store. Users have access to thousands of dynamic...
Bioactive paper coatings help replace plastic for packaging foods

Bioactive paper coatings help replace plastic for packaging foods

Globally to date, there is about 8.3 billion tons of plastic in the world – some 6.3 billion tons of that is trash. Some of this waste is due to plastic packaging used to protect food. Researchers at the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft have presented an innovative,...

Solar windows that don’t even need the sun to work

Solar windows that don’t even need the sun to work

AuREUS is a renewable energy system used for windows and walls of buildings. The new material comes from rotting fruits and vegetables. It absorbs UV light from the sun and converts it into electricity. What makes them special is that unlike regular solar panels, the...

Retail Technology Helps Human Connections Boom

According to McKinsey, in a matter of around eight weeks, Covid-19 made records jump five years forward in consumer and business digital adoption, and 75% of people using digital channels for the first time in 2020 indicate they will continue to use them when things...

The Rise of Service Robots in the Hospitality Industry

Most hotel guests are used to receiving services from human staff, but increasingly, robots are becoming a common feature in the service industry. From robots hotels to delivery robots and receiving service from a robot waitress, robots that serve hotel guests are now...
5 ways 5G will change farming and agriculture

5 ways 5G will change farming and agriculture

Agriculture is a multibillion dollar industry and one of the largest in the world, accounting for almost 1% of GDP in the UK, 6% in the US and 12% in Australia. It’s also set to be a growing industry, with the demand for food set to increase as the world approaches a...

Say Bye-Bye to Awkward Teleconferences And Hello To Seamless Meetings

Say Bye-Bye to Awkward Teleconferences And Hello To Seamless Meetings

The Meeting Owl Pro is a 360-degree conference camera that not only has a cute Owl-like appearance but is easy to set up and fun to use. The Meeting Owl’s unique design also allows this conference camera to fade into the background of any room or office space...

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