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The Chartis Group, a leading healthcare advisory and analytics firm, found that despite ongoing financial concerns, nearly half (46%) of health systems plan to move into the implementation phase of digital transformation in the next five years, with 44% reporting plans to partner with competitors to personalize care delivery.

To thrive in the new era of care, organizations must execute on plans now to establish a market-leading position, according to the Chartis Future of Healthcare research report.

Other key findings include:
  • The competitive landscape is broadening beyond peer hospitals and health systems, and non-traditional rivals pose growing competitive threats. Healthcare executives expect their biggest competition in digital services and technologies over the next five years to include virtual health companies (48%), payers (45%), retail care providers (41%), and large tech companies (41%).
  • Forty-four percent of hospitals and health systems said they’re planning to partner with competitors in the personalization of digital offerings, signaling that partnerships are emerging as a key strategic avenue to accelerate speed to market for their digital care experiences.
  • Many hospitals and health systems plan to implement a suite of digital services offerings in the next five years, including remote patient monitoring (55%), digitally enabled contact/service center (50%), digital specialty care initiatives (49%), digitalfirst primary care (49%), digital front door (47%), and hospital at home (39%), signaling a shift from simple point solutions to a holistic, digitally enabled care journey.

Ninety-eight percent of health systems indicated they expect to be planning or executing on their efforts to personalize care in the next five years. As trusted stewards of patient data, hospitals and health systems have a unique opportunity to translate their caches of information into meaningful insights that create more impactful interactions between the patient and provider. 

To win the race, traditional providers may consider partnering with their new competitors to quickly come to market with tailored digital experiences that unlock new access points, expand patient segments, and ultimately deliver more efficient and effective patient care.


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InvestKL has an ambitious target of securing RM35 billion in investments by 2030. To support Malaysia’s sustainable agenda, our next-generation investments are driven by digital technology, global services, and innovative offerings. The ‘Greater Kuala Lumpur (GKL) Live Lab’ envisions the city as a testbed where foreign investors can bring the innovation activities to life while collaborating with local players. Our participation with iNNOVATE Tech Show is very valuable and will further elevate Greater KL as a location of choice for leading global companies

Muhammad Azmi Zulkifli

Chief Executive Officer, InvestKL

Why should you exhibit at the iNNOVATE Tech Show and

not at XYZ event? 

More Focused

The exhibitors at the trade show are our focus. There’s no 300 track conference to distract and derail visitors from visiting your booth and connecting with you.

The conference is an extra perk of attending the event where you can stay updated with the latest tech, but the main star of the event is you, the exhibitor. The main goal is clear: connect and drive sales between exhibitors and attendees

More Compact

There is a curated list of industries that we carefully select to serve. In order to bring the highest quality and relevant leads to your doorstep (booth), we have pinpointed the industries and made the iNNOVATE Tech Show more intentional and strategic.

We know that shooting in the dark isn’t smart, and we want to help you get more leads that will actually convert into sales.

Attractive Package

Show us a cheaper international tech trade show package. Nada? Thought so. On average you’ll be paying USD500 per sqm with a minimum of 18sqm.  Ours starts at USD160 per sqm. Our milkshake brings all the boys to the yard (and we like having fun too!)

Why? Why is ours so affordable? Well, some companies have been hit hard by the pandemic and away from people for two years. This is our way of ensuring even the small players can take part.

What To Do at the iNNOVATE Tech Show?

Learn from industry leaders

Asia has seen an increase in new business innovations being found and more cross border trading being done between Asia and the rest of the world. Stay ahead of the curve and show off all the cutting edge technology that is being implemented in the industries you serve. Learn from seasoned businesses on how you can create valuable products for stakeholders with technology. Stay on top of the game.

Network and build meaningful relationships in a relaxed environment

You’ve been to trade shows where there are 1000s of booths and you feel like you’re in an endless maze?

Overwhelming is the word when it comes to large scale trade shows.

We did the math and planned out a strong yet cozy 70-booth event that’ll guarantee visitors will have time to stop, admire your products and solutions and you can talk them through all the amazing features you have. People buy from people, and your customers want to know that you care about them and most importantly, have time to talk to them to solve their problems.


Showcase and sell your products and solutions to ready buyers

Drive sales home by letting your products do the talking (and walking). Don’t spend hours trying to show a demo over freezing screens and laggy internet, just showcase your products and BAM!

Attention caught, interest sparked, engagement held, LIVE demo in action and before you know it, you’ve converted a cold lead into a warm one. A PDF attachment with a pretty picture of your machine isn’t gonna cut it. Your buyers need to see you and your products in action. We can help you do that at the iNNOVATE Tech Show.







The world is changing, and companies are hungry for new, innovative and smarter ways to fuel their growth. Take charge of the situation and be there for your customers.

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