🧧🎉 Gong Xi Fa Cai! The Year of the Dragon has arrived, and luxury brands worldwide have pulled out all the stops to celebrate the Lunar New Year. From exclusive collaborations to mouthwatering treats, let’s dive into the most exciting brand activations that lit up the festive season.

1. Fendi’s Pokémon Collaboration: Where Fashion Meets Fantasy

Fendi, the Italian luxury fashion house, surprised fans by teaming up with Pokémon. The iconic dragon characters—‘Dragonair,’ ‘Dratini,’ and ‘Dragonite’—graced Fendi’s limited-edition Lunar New Year collection. Millennials and Gen Z consumers flocked to pop-up stores, eager to snag pieces featuring their favorite pocket monsters. The blend of high fashion and nostalgia created a buzz that transcended borders.

2. Coca-Cola dragon-themed branding campaign for 2024

The most popular gift items during the holiday are beverages and snacks. With this much demand for these products, it’s the perfect time for brands under these categories to boost their Lunar New Year marketing campaign by releasing CNY-themed items.

For example, Coca-Cola released an exclusive dragon-themed branding campaign to emphasize 2024’s Chinese zodiac animal of the year. By launching a limited-edition product, the global brand was able to resonate better with its local consumers and sell more.


Coca-Cola dragon-themed branding campaign to emphasize 2024’s Chinese zodiac animal of the year

Coca-Cola dragon-themed branding campaign for 2024

3. Runway Magic: Lunar New Year Fashion Collections

Luxury fashion houses embraced the Year of the Dragon with open arms. Valentino, Gucci, Self-Portrait, Burberry, Kenzo, and Miu Miu unveiled limited-edition Chinese New Year collections. These exclusive pieces blended traditional motifs with contemporary designs, appealing to fashion-forward consumers. From embroidered qipaos to dragon-embellished sneakers, these collections celebrated heritage while staying on-trend.

4. Digital Engagement: Brands Go Virtual

In the digital age, brands leveraged social media and online platforms to engage consumers. Their campaigns combined tradition and modernity:

  • Virtual Red Envelopes: Brands like Louis Vuitton and Dior sent virtual red envelopes (hongbao) to followers, containing surprise discounts or exclusive access.
  • AR Filters: Gucci and Chanel introduced AR filters featuring auspicious symbols like lanterns and firecrackers.
  • Interactive Livestreams: Hermès hosted live events where artisans demonstrated the art of silk scarf printing.
  • WeChat Mini Programs: Brands created mini-games and interactive experiences within WeChat, China’s super-app.

Gucci was able to maximize the video features of popular Chinese apps not only by releasing a campaign film but also by posting short clips of their brand ambassadors.


Gucci Chinese new year 2024 campaign

Gucci Chinese New Year 2024 campaign

They also made their Lunar New Year marketing campaign more Gen-Z friendly by maximizing WeChat content features. From posting articles and setting up branded stickers to creating a mini program for the event, all these features are integrated across all the brand’s profiles.

5. CIMB Bank goes to the Big Screen

Watch CIMB Bank’s 3D Giant Octo in action, tossing Yee Sang to spread joy and prosperity


6. Apple released its Chinese New Year-themed film

During a moment of celebration and reflection, Apple welcomes the year of the Dragon by telling the story of a young girl battling with her insecurities and how she is able to overcome them on her own. Titled “Little Garlic,” the film and Apple send a timely message addressing the insecurity felt by Gen Z in China.

In summary, the Year of the Dragon brought together tradition, creativity, and global enthusiasm. Let’s carry the spirit of prosperity and joy throughout the year. May your investments grow as abundantly as the red lanterns lining the streets!

🐉🧧 Wishing you a prosperous and joyful Lunar New Year! 🧧🐉

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