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A picnic event requires careful consideration of the venue, menu, attire, climate, and activities. We are blessed to reside in a nation with so many wide-open, lush landscapes. Picnics are excellent because they provide us a chance to enjoy the outdoors while conversing with friends, family, or coworkers in a casual atmosphere. Additionally soothing, picnics help to lower tension and improve mood. Before having a picnic, you need take a few things into account.

1. Find a Picturesque Picnic Spot

Finding a picture-perfect picnic site, whether it’s an old family secret — a favourite picnic spot that no one else knows about – or somewhere completely new, is a definite way to make memories. Picnics are a great way to see new places, especially those that are far away from the nearest coffee shop.

Picnics can be enjoyed almost anywhere. The success of your picnic will be determined by factors such as parking, shade, toilet facilities and the popularity of the picnic spot. If you plan on having children at your picnic, choose a park with a play area, otherwise, you can choose a quieter spot.

2. Style and Decor

What kind of picnic are you planning? A picnic can be as casual or as formal as you choose. Choosing a theme will make it easy to select food, games, and decorations to ensure that your picnic appears flawless. Bunting, paper lanterns in the trees, large picnic baskets and huge balloons make spotting your picnic in a public park enjoyable and simple for your family and friends. Flowers in jars and a few picnic baskets placed about will finish the image.

3. Use Fresh Flowers 

Flowers are a wonderful way to really embrace the outdoors. Putting together a bouquet of flowers for your picnic will provide a unique twist to a traditional picnic. You can either gather flowers from your yard or go to a local flower store and have a florist create an arrangement of your choice.

A simple yet elegant approach to elevating your picnic is to place a bouquet of flowers in the centre. You can be confident that whichever floral arrangement you choose will lend a wonderfully designed aesthetic to your picnic.

4. Mats and Pillows 

Mats and pillows for picnics are essential!  Sitting on the bare ground can be uncomfortable.  After finding the ideal picnic spot, the most vital consideration is the mats and pillows. Choose mats with a waterproof underside and pillows to improve your picnic game. 

5. Planning the Menu

Once you’ve chosen the perfect location, the next step is planning the menu. When it comes to picnic food, simplicity is key. Focus on easy-to-transport dishes that don’t require too much preparation. 

Home cooked food is always a great option for a picnic. Not only is it more affordable, but it also allows you to personalise the menu and cater to each other’s tastes. Some meal prep ideas for picnics in Malaysia include sandwiches, salads, and charcuterie boards. Other Malaysian dishes you can pack are Nasi Lemak, mee goreng, mee hoo, kuih muih and curry puffs. These dishes are not only easy enough to make, but they’re also easy to store and transport. Also make sure to bring your thermos for hot or cold drinks.

6. Creating the Right Atmosphere

The right atmosphere is essential for a picnic. Music can all help create a comfortable setting but make sure to keep the volume controlled so you won’t disturb others around you. You can also bring along items that reflect your interests and hobbies. For example, if you enjoy reading, bring a book. Personalising your picnic by bringing items that reflect your interests can make the experience even more special and memorable.

In Malaysia, you’ll get pokey grass, heat and sometimes rain, mosquitoes and insects. Make sure to bring a mat, umbrella, insect repellent, plates and cups you can bring home to wash so that you maintain a sustainable environment. If you bring paper plates and cups, remember a rubbish bag to throw them away at the rubbish collection area.

7. Choosing the Right Time

Timing is everything when it comes to picnics. It’s important to choose the right time of day or year to have your picnic, depending on the weather and your own schedule. Daytime picnics can be great for enjoying the sunshine, while night time picnics can provide a romantic atmosphere under the stars.

Regardless of the time of day, make sure to choose a time when you can relax and enjoy your picnic without feeling rushed.

8. What to Wear

We’d suggest picking out something comfortable to wear to an outdoor picnic. If you’re thinking of taking lots of photos, maybe wearing that torn t-shirt might not be great but Hey! i’ts your choice. If you’re sensitive to insect bites, you might want to wear something that covers your arms and legs. Remember to bring sunblock!

We hope all these tips will help you to prepare for your next picnic or better yet, why not join us on the 2nd September for a Picnic in the Park? The details for the event are below.


Bring your family and friends for a day in the park!




Bring your own mat and food or grab delicious bites from the regular food trucks at the event OR upgrade and pre-purchase picnic baskets for 2 pax from Best Events Productions.

Bring a good book or just lay down on the soft grass and take in the beautiful view or make new friends with similar interests

Learn About Environmental Conservation

Visit the Environmental NGOs booths to learn about what causes you can support and how you can live a more sustainable life

Carboot Sales and Eco Bazaar

Find unique items and treasures from local communities. You can pick up a great bargain and help support small businesses!

Buy Plants

Get green-fingered with a range of plants, herbs, and flowers on sale from local nurseries. A great opportunity for garden enthusiasts.

Bird Spotting

Spot different bird species that reside in the park. Learn more about their habits and habitat.

Colouring Session

Support local illustration artists by purchasing their colouring books at the event. Bring your own colour pencils and join the group colouring session by the lake

Artists by the Lake

Are you an artist? Bring your art materials and plant yourself anywhere around the lake.

Try New Coffee Flavors

Sample a variety of unique and delicious coffee flavors from different local vendors. You may find your new favorite blend!

Are you a Vendor? Come join us for a minimal fee! Contact us at [email protected]

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