As 23 industry partners completed their Congress Certification Programme Plus (CCP+) at RH Hotel, Sibu, event professionals will be able to add a new credential to their resumes. Event professionals will be able to achieve the Congress Certification Programme (CCP) designation thanks to the certification, provided by the Malaysian Association of Convention & Exhibition Organisers & Suppliers (MACEOS) and recognised by the Events Industry Council.

A world-class event may be executed using the tools, strategies, and processes you learn in the structured four-day curriculum CCP+. The Plus Program is a newly introduced module that focuses on creating and organising locally produced events, complementing Sarawak’s objective to improve the professionalism of the sector and foster the development of a new generation of congress and convention organisers.

Amelia Roziman, CEO of Business Events Sarawak, stated that “international qualifications provide a key to attracting and executing exceptional corporate events. Partners holding these certifications are valued and recognised on a global scale, which can increase their chances of working with public and private sector players and advancing Sarawak’s social and economic development. The thriving business events sector in Sibu will undoubtedly gain from CCP+.

The world of business events is open to industry participants thanks to this course and certification, according to Dylan Redas Noel, acting general manager of capacity and digital development at BESarawak. Many people believe that the real job starts when the bids are opened, but there are also financial, marketing, and management considerations. CCP+ offers a comprehensive perspective on business event planning and administration that includes conference and congress programming from A to Z.

Sibu hosts 41% of all events in 2022, making it a rapidly growing favourite location for corporate gatherings. Numerous tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world are anticipated at the National Autism Conference 2023, Asia Pacific Conference on Zoonotic and Neglected Tropical Diseases 2023, and International Heritage and Culture Conservation Conference 2023, which are all being held in the city this year. Sibu will play host to the Participatory Design Conference in 2024, making it the first Asian city to hold this typically European event.

Sarawak’s business associates have so far amassed 104 certifications from foreign accrediting organisations. 27 more people are presently pursuing the Certified Event Designer (CED) credential, whom are scheduled to graduate in August of this year. BESarawak offers registered business event industry partners based in Sarawak financial support for training and other professional development initiatives.

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