An entirely carbon-neutral trade fair may still be a pipe dream, but exhibitors may now realistically reduce their carbon emissions. When it comes to sustainability, Unravel Carbon, a software firm that creates carbon reporting tools, not only talks the talk but also does the walk. The company’s trade show booth at the Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) has to be green in addition to looking that way. The Unravel Carbon Net Zero Booth is the end outcome. SFF took place at the Singapore EXPO, which unites the international FinTech community. The FinTech festival had more than 62,000 attendees from 115 different nations the year before.

Unravel demonstrated the potential of data-driven decisions as the official decarbonization partner of the Singapore FinTech Festival. Even though there is a tremendous quantity of garbage generated at events, it doesn’t have to be that way. An illustration of that is the net zero booth. We were pleasantly surprised by the amount of interest it garnered at the event. Unravel aspires to contribute to the development of a trend towards more environmentally friendly MICE business practises.

Features of Net-Zero Booth
• Agriculture waste-derived booth panels that are reusable and simple to disassemble.
• Vinyl-free recyclable decals were utilised to decorate the booth.
• Signage that may be reused, composed of paper and bioplastic resin.
• Carpet free.
• Paperless. Paper business cards were replaced with digital ones.
• Use of carpooling and public transportation
• The remaining carbon emissions were compensated for by high-quality, verified offsets.

These features assisted Unravel in reducing carbon emissions by 40%. The concept of net zero extended beyond the materials used to construct the booths and needed consideration of emissions from the upstream and downstream transportation of the materials, garbage produced at the booths, as well as staff business travel to the conference venue.

ReXtore, a Singapore-based interior design firm, developed a net zero booth by utilising environmentally friendly products and making conscious decisions to use less energy. After the event, booths were removed from the boards and brought back to the warehouse, creating a fully circular system that other events are starting to adopt.

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