Photo: Savione Robots

Two technology advancements that have been discussed for years, according to specialists in the field, are likely to materialize for hotels; which are robots and automation.

For a very long time, hoteliers have emphasized the potential advantages of more automation and the addition of robotics to streamline operations and improve efficiency.

Aimbridge Hospitality, a hotel management firm, is investing in emerging technologies that are intuitive and enable a better guest and employee experience. They are making strategic investments in the areas of robotic process automation, employee-facing tech and business intelligence.

The industry’s broader efforts to improve customization and the guest experience will depend on its ability to embrace artificial intelligence and automation in data analytics.

Robots can perform various functions within hotels whether it’s serving or cleaning or even self-checking-in. It makes sense to use robotics to solve an efficiency issue.

Enhancing passenger experience and addressing workforce issues should be the main goals of tech investment.

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