Everyone is presently fascinated by the opportunities provided by text-based ChatGPT. Recently, The Dal Museum in Florida debuted the first interactive museum exhibit that utilizes ChatGPT’s visual brother, DALL·E, which was named in part as a nod to the iconic artist, Salvador Dalí.

Dream Tapestry, a component of a brand-new exhibition, invites viewers to share a recent or recurrent dream. The exhibit transforms the descriptions into paintings in the style of Dali using OpenAI’s text-to-image system DALL·E. The dream images of all the visitors are blended to create a composite artwork that is shown on a 12-foot screen. Anyone can view dream descriptions, individual paintings, and the resulting collages on the museum’s website.
Dream Tapestry was developed by The Dalí in collaboration with Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Minds Over Matter and OpenAI.

Digital technologies that are becoming more advanced and widely available, such as generative AI, not only provide new avenues for personal expression but also methods to interact with others.

Loneliness and social anxiety were on the rise even before the pandemic, in part because of a decrease in human face-to-face connections. The Dal Museum’s Dream Tapestry, which combines peoples’ dreams physically, creates connections between strangers occupying the same museum space. How can your company use modern technology to give your audience a sense of community?

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