Artificial intelligence is being implemented in the car inspection process by General Motors.

The automaker is funding Israeli startup UVeye with an undisclosed “strategic investment,” which develops vehicle diagnostic systems that use sensors and AI to swiftly spot broken parts or maintenance issues. The automaker’s venture fund, GM Ventures, which already has interests in a number of other firms with AI-related ideas, made the UVeye investment.

In accordance with the partnership, GM will enhance its dealer network’s vehicle inspection systems by selling UVeye’s technology to them. (The firm’s solutions are currently being tested at a few GM dealerships around the nation.)

Based on images and videos provided by the company, UVeye’s technology looks like an airport body scanner for your car. The car drives through the scanner with illuminated lights on the inside and, within minutes, service providers have a detailed report about everything that’s wrong with your car down to the tire pressure

UVeye’s system “quickly and precisely” scans tires, the vehicle’s underbody, and its exterior for flaws, missing components, and other safety-related issues using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and high-definition cameras.

According to GM, 4,000 dealerships nationwide will have access to UVeye’s technology. The Israeli startup struck a contract with a significant automotive retail management system earlier this year. This system is utilized by over 15,000 dealers in the US.

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