Image: 3D Printed Benches from XtreeE

While 3D printing is gaining ground in the industrial sector, it is also present on a smaller scale in offices, open spaces or even parks and streets. From chairs, tables, stools to sofas, designers and manufacturers use 3D printing technologies to increase complexity and offer customisable furniture.

The design process is one aspect of the furniture industry that has traditionally needed a large amount of time and money.

To get to a finished product, prototypes must be built, models must be tested, and elements must be revised. The process of designing furniture is streamlined, simplified, and cost-effective thanks to 3D printing.

Designers may test their ideas more thoroughly and maximise the positive characteristics in the ultimate product by using 3D printing to manufacture lightweight furniture prototypes fast and inexpensively.

Manufacturing Revolution

3D printing has made it cheaper for new enterprises to enter the furniture industry, in addition to allowing designers to build furniture that is just not possible to make using old methods.

Not only is 3D printing more cost-effective for businesses, but it is also considerably more environmentally friendly and sustainable than most traditional methods of furniture production. This technology enables furniture design firms and home goods shops to boost their profits, waste much fewer resources and energy, and increase production efficiency.

The 3D printing industry has grown at a rate of over 45 percent each year since its inception. The market was valued at $2.5 billion in 2013, and by the year 2018, it is expected to be worth $16 billion.

It’s much quicker to actually get the furniture in hand as well.

Customers will be able to go to locations near them and have their chairs, tables, and fixtures 3D printed on the spot in the not-too-distant future.

Imagine being able to look at furniture online, have it printed, and pick it up the next day – it’s a very real possibility, and consumers and businesses can anticipate it to happen in the next few years.

It’s no surprise that 3D printing is taking the furniture industry by storm, with lower production costs, unlimited design possibilities, and happy customers.

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