Beyond the obvious benefits to children — reducing anxiety by allowing them to explore and play with a toy MRI machine — the initiative also sustains LEGO’s own culture.

Being examined in an MRI scanner can be daunting or downright scary, especially for children. One way to alleviate their fear is to turn that massive machine into a familiar object which is why LEGO employees around the world are currently assembling MRI machines, brick by brick.

As part of its Local Community Engagement program, LEGO will be donating those models to local hospitals.

Using LEGO to help medical staff prepare children for MRI scans is the brainchild of employee Erik Ullerlund Staehr. News of the program broke when one of his colleagues tweeted that he was spending his weekend building a model.

Over the coming weeks, the LEGO Foundation will be sharing information on how hospitals can request a set, along with educational materials that support its use.

Source: TrendWatching

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