Most hotel guests are used to receiving services from human staff, but increasingly, robots are becoming a common feature in the service industry. From robots hotels to delivery robots and receiving service from a robot waitress, robots that serve hotel guests are now a common trend whose popularity is on a steady rise.

The U05 robot (pictured above) is designed as a humanoid robot to be more acceptable, even as a frontliner, to greet and register customers or as a hospital in-patient usher.

This multi-purpose humanoid robot can be adapted for use in different business environments. It is autonomously mobile, able to avoid obstacles and hold conversations. It has flexible of arms, fingers and neck and if it’s feeling in the mood, it can even dance! Some of its capabilities include lighting the torch at a National Game Opening.

The Mx2 (pictured right) is aesthetically designed to be pleasing as it is meant to be of service in full public view. It is meant to be more than transport and delivery and is suitable for delivering refreshments and lightweight products.

UUROBOT Asia is a joint venture between Malaysian entities and BeiJing Canbot Technology Co., Ltd / ShenZhen JustGood Technology Co.Ltd (CANBOT). CANBOT is a leading intelligent service robot creator and manufacturer in China with complete production lines producing different types of service robots. These include humanoid service robots, delivery robot, home service robot, desktop robots, education robots and entertainment robots.

This collaboration is to set up as a regional hub of ASEAN in Malaysia to market, service and assemble the CANBOT service robots for the following ASEAN countries – Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam


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