Israel’s Noveto developed a revolutionary new, AI-based audio technology called Smart Beaming. It beams pockets of sound just outside of the listener’s ears – like two little invisible speakers – that follow the listener’s head when they move. This creates a very enjoyable, immersive and personalized new listening experience never achieved before. 

The invisible speakers are like “pockets of sound”, directed to the listener’s ears are beamed using ultrasound technology, something we’ve seen several times over the years from the likes of Soundlazer and Akoustic Arts. For the N1, the arrays of tiny transducers used to focus the audio are hidden behind fabric covers and positioned on either side of a glass-fronted control panel. The N1 is Novato’s flagship product, a state-of-the-art smart speaker with built-in Alexa smart assistant and proprietary Smart Beaming technology. 

The smart speaker tracks the listener using a 3D sensing module and camera and transmits the ultrasound waves to focus calibrated audio just outside the ears at sound pressure levels of up to 85 dB – also employing 3D spatial technology for personal immersive audio potential, though we’re unable to comment on perceived stereo sound quality without trying the device ourselves. 

The N1 is the perfect device for modern professionals who value their comfort and require seamless audio without restrictions. The immersive experience breaks down the remoteness of remote-working with video-callers feeling like they are in the same room and supports vital at-home wellness. Whether listening to a favorite podcast or meditating to the sounds of nature, Smart Beaming creates a personalized, cocooned experience, elevating the relaxation of meditation, music, casual entertainment, podcasts and sound therapy.  


  • Noveto Smart Beaming technology: beams personal 3D sound 
  • Smart assistant compatible desktop device. 
  • Audio volume: up to 85dB SPL. 
  • Audio privacy: up to 90 % audio reduction 1 meter (3 ft) away from the listener. 
  • Connections: BT, Wi-Fi, USB-C & 3.5mm Jack 
  • The HAL (Heuristic Activity LED) – embedded LED circle for live feedback. 
  • Built-in microphone array. 
  • Built-in face ID. 
  • Noveto App, available in iOS and Android. 
  • Over the air updates (OTA). 

Users don’t need to remain stationary while listening, as the tracking adjusts for movement in real time (but there’s no mention of maximum reach). And Noveto is promising that folks nearby will only be able to hear a fraction of what the listener is treated to, saying “if someone talks to you normally over a video call, someone a meter away will only hear a whisper.” 

Noveto was founded by university friends Tomer Shani and Noam Babayoff with the vision of elevating the audio experience, providing a more natural and immersive way to communicate and freeing the world from the constraints of headphones and speakers. 

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