Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, many around the world noticed a discrepancy in response to this specific disease in comparison to other healthcare concerns plaguing the world.

This led to questions such as, “why was it that researchers and scientists were able to create a vaccine in 3 months?

How was it that researchers from around the world were able to unite towards a common goal ?” And, “what was it that motivated them to race towards a goal faster than ever before?”

The answer – in part – is believed to be the bureaucracy and national policies currently guarding patient healthcare data and, therefore, limiting the information available for global researchers to tap into, collate and share.

Providing a solution that would open up data at this magnitude could mean that for the first time in history, researchers could work in unison against all major modern diseases affecting the world today rather than in the isolated pockets they do now.

Furthermore, when looking at the healthcare industry today, there is also a vast discrepancy in both global standards and accessibility, especially for those in areas with less affordability. As a result, many cannot get the help they need or may avoid healthcare altogether for fear of the cost.

The CURE chain will kickstart these efforts in what Jacob Beckley, the project founder and lead describes as, “a dynamic NFT-based blockchain where researchers get access to massive amounts of data.

This data is community sourced through the power of NFTs.” In practice, “individuals can opt into providing their anonymous health information, test results, conditions and more.”

The incentive for the patients, as the founder explains, is “the more data they provide, the more they get personally rewarded.”

The key here is that the data remains anonymous, collecting only key metrics and healthcare history, so there is no risk of it being abused.

The team poses this question to the community, “if researchers are already paying a significant amount of money to gain access to data, then why not pay it forward and reward those that are providing it?”

Unlike most projects that launch and then attach themselves to a charity component as an afterthought, CURE is charity first. Backed by the immensely successful non-profit, The Beckley Foundation, CURE has so-far raised over $200,000 for pediatric cancer, and is continuing to raise a further $10,000 every single day.

Already these donations have had an immeasurable impact on the lives of so many families and children suffering from childhood cancer – including paying for 4-year-old Lukas’ dream holiday to Disney World, and providing care for terminally ill Alex.

This ceaseless wave of positive work has now caught the eye of big names, including platinum-selling musician Majestic Drama, who has joined the project as ambassador.

Jacob himself is not one to stand on the side-lines. Even though he is already the Senior Vice President of Innovation, Technology and Product at highly successful Innovation company, Fusion92, he spends countless hours working tirelessly alongside his vast team of some 85 individuals.

As the face of the project, Jacob is constantly taking part in featured AMA’s (sometimes up to four a day), hosting Crypto 101 sessions (where he educates newcomers about DeFi and how to stay safe), planning marketing and organizing charitable donations.

He does all this without earning a single cent.

A true testament to his philanthropic nature and the aims of his project Jacob does not own a single token, and any he buys with his own money, he immediately burns to decrease circulating supply and increase value.

For Jacob, this is about a life of service and helping as many people as he can as quickly as possible. And it’s working.

The future is already bright for CURE, but with its upcoming real-world use cases, it is about to burn white-hot. Pay attention, because this is where things get really exciting:

CURE Chain will be up first, which will allow agnostic patient healthcare to be stored as dynamic NFT’s, growing organically throughout the life of the individual, whilst remaining completely anonymous.

There is a vast discrepancy in the quality and accessibility of healthcare, particularly for those with less affordability. CURE is set to become the currency for that access.

It could be traded or even donated to people in need, allowing them to get access to quality and equal healthcare, regardless of geographical location.

Once implemented, it will become the greatest equalizer the medical field has ever seen, one that will allow everyone on the planet to get the help they need, as well as sounding the death knell for expensive, prohibitive barriers.

If you want to find out more about CURE and its mission, head over to their website at or join the telegram at

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