Circle K Sweden’s saved coffee is a result of their many years of collaboration with Löfbergs, who have now produced coffee  beans that would otherwise be wasted in the roastery. The coffee is unique in its kind and is a mixture of three types of beans. 

After a successful pre-test, the coffee is now launched on a broad front and a total of 13 tonnes of coffee are saved during the year.

Beauty stains on the packaging, damaged bar code or wrong weight are inevitable in most productions in the food industry and this often means that the product cannot be resold to the customer. Since 80–90% of the coffee climate impact occurs during cultivation, it is important to minimize the spillage of the finished product.

In the project, Löfberg’s coffee experts use different types of coffee beans and combine these into a unique blend, based on availability. This means that the same coffee can never be copied, each batch has a completely unique taste. 

Circle K sells about 11 million cups of coffee every year at their stations and with these special blends they can ensure that 13 tons of coffee are saved during the year, something they are really proud of.

Environmental benefits with the Rescued Coffee

  • The investment ensures a saving of about 60 tonnes of CO2 during the first year 
  • The use of pesticides is reduced by 140 kg  
  • An area corresponding to 24 football pitches will be converted to sustainable production 
coffee beans and hands

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