“I’ve been looking for a job for more than 6 months and I can’t seem to find anything!”

“I’ve been sending 100+ resumes a day but have not gotten any interviews!”

“I’ve been to countless interviews but no offers!”

“I’ve been laid off and I don’t know what to do!”

“I got a degree for this job but I hate my job!”

“I took a few years off to bring up my kids and I’ve no idea what it’s like out there.”

“I’ve been to so many sponsored Career Fairs but I’ve not had anyone call me and have not found much value.”

If you have found yourself saying the above. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

In 2016, almost 40,000 Malaysian employees were retrenched from their jobs, according to data reported to the Labour Department.

As of June this year, 17,798 workers have been retrenched. It is believed that the actual number of Malaysians who lost their jobs during this period is significantly higher, as many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and micro-enterprises are not aware of the requirement to report lay-offs and retrenchments to the Labour Department.

According to Bank Negara Malaysia estimates, the youth unemployment rate in Malaysia was estimated to have reached 10.7% in 2015, more than three times higher than the national unemployment rate of 3.1%.

Tying these factors together, Best Events Services, Making Changes PLT, Nooross Consultants, Aspire Consulting & Training and a few independent life coaches and mentors have come together to offer a one-day coaching session for those finding a job a challenge.

It can be confusing and frustrating to be out of a job or in a job you absolutely hate

Finally! A proven process for smart, talented and hard working person like you 

to get a job you have been dreaming of

Our coaches and mentors can help you to assess your strengths, plan your job-seeking strategy, finetune your résumé, work through financial and life issues, network productively, get a foot in the door of your chosen field, and begin to work toward your ultimate goals.

What we’ll cover:

  • The factors that have shaped your career to date.
  • Deep dive into you – what motivates you, your purpose and your values.
  • Discover ‘career insights’ – which will open up new directions for the next stage of your career. These new career directions will be rooted in what’s important to you, your accumulated skill set and what you really want to do next.
  • Identifying specific target ‘markets’. These will be potential employers (or potential customers for the products/services of your own new business). You will identify the types of people who will likely be willing to pay well for your skills, and whose mission and values are aligned with your own.
  • We’ll check out how these new career options will fit into the rest of your life: including your relationships and your financial situation etc. And resolve any potential conflicts so there will be nothing stopping you from taking action to move forward.


9.30am: Registration

10.00am: Morning Group Session

12.30pm BREAK


2.30pm: Afternoon Group Session

5.30pm: End

You Should Attend If You:

  • Have had trouble getting job interviews
  • Been out of work for the past few months
  • Been out of the workforce and are planning to get back in
  • Are facing road blocks in your career

Unlike some of the offers out there, we are dedicated to give FREE email support

with our coaches and mentors for 2 months following the event

so that you have the support and guide you need. 

There is a maximum 2-business day turnaround on emails. Also, our coaches do not work on weekends or holidays. Please take this into account when sending your questions.

Coaches & Mentors

Jay Acharya

Jay Acharya

Managing Director, Aspire Consulting & Training

Jay Acharya will be there to coach about assessing your strengths and your values
and how our mindsets, beliefs, attitudes and self-image affect our behaviour and decision-making abilities.

Hanniz Efni

Hanniz Efni

Managing Director, Best Events Services; Marketing & Special Projects, Making Changes LLP

Understanding how to build your personal brand, network and learn the benefits of joining clubs and organizations, job fairs, professional associations, LinkedIn, and using social media.
Serena Foo

Serena Foo


Having previously worked as the APJ Global Commercial Channel End User Computing Marketing & Marcom at Dell, Serena Foo will be there to mentor and help you identify the types of people who will likely be willing to pay well for your skills, and whose mission and values are aligned with your own.
Rosdayana Rosti

Rosdayana Rosti

Recruitment Partner, Nooross Consultants

Rosdayana Rosti will help review your cover letters and resumes and possibly find  the “right” job to apply for.
Woon Tien Ern

Woon Tien Ern


Woon will help identify your career options by understanding your work needs, ideal job, work life balance desires and professional growth needs.
Loretta Chin

Loretta Chin

Managing Director, TalenXcel

Navigating the ever-changing job market is no easy task, and it can be especially difficult when there’s a long pause on your resume. However, Loretta Chin will help you identify what sort of challenges you might face and will help prepare you for success.
Jay Shong

Jay Shong

Founder, Startup CFO on demand

Jay Shong will help you to understand the alternatives available to you, and to make some immediate to short term solutions as to what to do with your immediate financial concerns.
All tickets include ONE (1) Drink

This meetup will feature startup spotlights, networking and a round table discussion on “Thinking Like a Reporter”

Consider the numbers:
– Two-thirds of business-to-business editors said that fewer than half of the releases they receive are relevant to their publication, according to a survey conducted by Thomas Rankin Associates.
– Most city editors believed media relations pieces promote “products, services and other activities that don’t legitimately deserve promotion,” writes Dennis L. Wilcox and Lawrence W. Nolte in Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques.
– No wonder some studies estimate that 55% to 97% of all releases sent to media outlets are never used, according to Wilcox and Nolte.

So how can you create PR pieces that are among the 3% to 45% of those that actually get the word out?


1) 7:30-8:00 : Networking and brief introductions.

2) 8:00-8:20 : Participants will present their current challenges to receive honest, constructive feedback.

3) 8.20-9:00 : Round table discussion on “Think Like a Reporter”

4) 9:00-9:30 : After event networking